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Our Library

Students have grown lettuce to be eaten in our cafeteria in the JDLH Library hydroponic system. We also have two smaller systems that are used for Supervised Agricultural Experiences. Students have grown herbs, mushrooms and flowers. 


JDLH Library contains an extensive array of agriculturally focused resources called the "Aggie Collection." We also host a variety of exhibits focused on sustainability including multiple hydroponic systems and a worm composting bin!

The mission of the JDLH Library is to provide support and resources to enhance the curriculum. 


The JDLH Library fosters student engagement and encourages the critical and ethical use of information. Our space is to be used for collaboration, instruction and study.

Mission & Vision

Students in front of the Dairy Barn

The vision of JDLH Library is to to curate agriculturally focused resources that are customized for our campus community.

We plan to continue to establish and foster partnerships to meet our goals. We are actively pursuing grants to help fund our vision. 

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